New Testament Word Study on Life

I wanted to highlight a recent post by my mom over at Pioneers’ New Testament, because what she says is actually a useful foundation for some things I’m going to be writing soon.  She has just posted a word study on the various Greek words that are sometimes translated as “Life” or “Soul” in the New Testament.  I recommend the post, and will add more to the concept soon.

2 thoughts on “New Testament Word Study on Life”

  1. sweetdreams

    it is a small world. I downloaded the Pioneer NT a few months ago and have corresponded with your mom. I have even used some of her verses in my book.

  2. Dan Martin

    Hey, Robert! You're right it is a small world. I remember seeing your comments on Mom's blog (I helped her set it up and still co-administer it). OK, so you're the same Robert I just had the big discussion with over at Kurt's "Groans From Within" blog. . .now I'm tying the pieces together.

    Good to have you stop by. Feel free to poke around, we may find some other topics for equally-stimulating discussion. In the meantime, Pax Christi!


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