My experience with a (false?) prophet


I have deleted the original post and comments with which this tag is associated.  Those who have previously read it, or those who come here through an archived search, will know that in it I alleged that an evangelist from the 70s by the name of Dick Joyce was a false prophet.  I made this allegation on the basis of a very-specific prophecy Dick made to our family back in the ’70s during the charismatic movement, which did not come to pass and, in my admittedly-fallible judgment, is unlikely to come to pass.  This blog stub exists so I may retract my accusation for the record.

On the admonition of a recent blog commenter (early 2015) I contacted Dick via his website and invited him to respond to my article if he wished.  Dick was extremely gracious in his reply, and we engaged in an email exchange which he requested remain private.  I will only share that Dick quite rightly pointed out that I had applied the Old Testament definition of a false prophet from Leviticus, which is all about the prophecy coming true (or not), and did not consider the New Testament definition (see, for example, 2 Peter 2) which deals rather directly with the fruit of the false prophet being disobedience, greed, and immorality.  To my knowledge, none of this describes the fruit of Dick’s work.  I, too, argue for a New Testament interpretation of things that differ from Old to New, and I was wrong not to do this in the case of this article.

This stub remains with comments closed, for whatever small benefit it may leave in setting the record straight.  My accusation against Dick Joyce was wrong and based upon my own sloppy use of scripture, and I withdraw it.  I thank Dick for his graciousness in discussing this, and to my knowledge (and by his testimony) we bear each other no ill will.