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The Way is Narrow

Several years ago I made an observation which led to a question: “Why don’t Christians stand out in culture?” My observation was that so many Christians, particularly in the US, blend in with everyone else. With that observation in mind Matthew 7:13-14 when Jesus states that “Enter by the narrow gate. For the gate is wide and the way is easy that leads to destruction, … Continue reading The Way is Narrow »

Better off Drowned? Who are you driving from Jesus?

We talk a lot about the loving character of Jesus, and well we might.  But despite the popularity in some circles of pointing out God’s wrath, we rarely seem to notice one thing that really seems to have pissed Jesus off.  We find the same language in all three synoptic gospels, in Matt. 18:6-7, Mark 9:42, and Luke 17:1-2.  Jesus says that someone who causes … Continue reading Better off Drowned? Who are you driving from Jesus? »

Burn-them-all vs. Universalism: A false choice

A common phenomenon within theological, political, and other discussions that get us worked up, is that someone frames a question as “either-or” and then others jump onto that argument as “for” one side or the other…without anybody really stopping to consider whether the question itself was properly framed to begin with.  The recent controversy surrounding Rob Bell’s book “Love Wins” seems to me a prime … Continue reading Burn-them-all vs. Universalism: A false choice »

So, do you trust the Holy Spirit, or not?

The recent debate around the blogosphere as to whether or not Rob Bell is a universalist, has got me to thinking.  There seems to be a substantial contingent within conservative Christianity, that is extremely dedicated to the notion of a hell where those who do not “believe” will suffer unending, conscious torment.  Many of these people–dear friends of mine, some of them–are not angry, vindictive … Continue reading So, do you trust the Holy Spirit, or not? »

No one comes to the Father but by me…

I am the way , and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. There are, I suppose, a variety of possible candidates, but today I submit John 14:6 as the single most blatantly misquoted saying from Jesus’ entire ministry.  Lifted completely out of context, Jesus’ statement is usually presented as “Exhibit A” for Jesus’ establishment of the exclusive … Continue reading No one comes to the Father but by me… »

Why do you "need" God?

My wife and I finally watched “Fireproof” yesterday.  Though preachier than I might prefer, I overall enjoyed it as a well-done and worthwhile movie.  I was bothered by the content of the obligatory “Gospel Message” in the middle, though.  In usual form, the sage believer lectures the unbelieving hero on how he “can’t measure up to God’s standard” because he’s “broken God’s law.”  The “Gospel,” … Continue reading Why do you "need" God? »