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The Bible is an Invitation To….

If you are like me there was a time you would have answered “get saved and go to heaven.” That, for me, was what I believed the central message of the bible, Jesus, and his Kingdom to be. I honestly thought my job after I “got saved” was to wait for death or the rapture and hopefully save some other souls along the way. If … Continue reading The Bible is an Invitation To…. »

Are Theology Debates about Fear or Faith?

For over 15 years I had been deeply involved in one particular faith based institution. I had given a great deal of time and energy to do everything I could to inspire people to follow Jesus more fully and completely with every aspect of their existence. The last few years of my involvement in this church I had been doing some teaching at the many … Continue reading Are Theology Debates about Fear or Faith? »

Burn-them-all vs. Universalism: A false choice

A common phenomenon within theological, political, and other discussions that get us worked up, is that someone frames a question as “either-or” and then others jump onto that argument as “for” one side or the other…without anybody really stopping to consider whether the question itself was properly framed to begin with.  The recent controversy surrounding Rob Bell’s book “Love Wins” seems to me a prime … Continue reading Burn-them-all vs. Universalism: A false choice »

So, do you trust the Holy Spirit, or not?

The recent debate around the blogosphere as to whether or not Rob Bell is a universalist, has got me to thinking.  There seems to be a substantial contingent within conservative Christianity, that is extremely dedicated to the notion of a hell where those who do not “believe” will suffer unending, conscious torment.  Many of these people–dear friends of mine, some of them–are not angry, vindictive … Continue reading So, do you trust the Holy Spirit, or not? »

No one comes to the Father but by me…

I am the way , and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. There are, I suppose, a variety of possible candidates, but today I submit John 14:6 as the single most blatantly misquoted saying from Jesus’ entire ministry.  Lifted completely out of context, Jesus’ statement is usually presented as “Exhibit A” for Jesus’ establishment of the exclusive … Continue reading No one comes to the Father but by me… »

Why do you "need" God?

My wife and I finally watched “Fireproof” yesterday.  Though preachier than I might prefer, I overall enjoyed it as a well-done and worthwhile movie.  I was bothered by the content of the obligatory “Gospel Message” in the middle, though.  In usual form, the sage believer lectures the unbelieving hero on how he “can’t measure up to God’s standard” because he’s “broken God’s law.”  The “Gospel,” … Continue reading Why do you "need" God? »

Jesus is all I need … NOT!

I just sat through yet another interminable “worship” session this morning, at which song after song repeated one form or another of the notion that “Jesus is all I need” or “Jesus is more than enough for me.” I suppose I’m going to raise serious doubts about my spiritual condition here (nothing new in that), but I’ve just got to say this: Jesus is NOT … Continue reading Jesus is all I need … NOT! »

Personal Salvation

It’s not about you.The purpose of your life is far greater than your own personal fulfillment, your peace of mind, or even your happiness.So begins that modern mogul of megachurches, Rick Warren, in his bestseller “The Purpose Driven Life.” He’s right, of course, though I wish he would have expanded the thought in more directions than he did. But I’m afraid that though millions bought … Continue reading Personal Salvation »

Atonement as Evangelism???

We have it all wrong when we invite people to follow Jesus. The typical Evangelical invitation to Christ is, of course, summed up most fully in the so-called “Four Spiritual Laws.” In short, they are (and partially in my own words): God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life; Because you are sinful, you can’t experience God’s plan for your life; Jesus … Continue reading Atonement as Evangelism??? »