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From Cana to Emmaus — Known in the Bread

  At the wedding in Cana you met those who’d seek you, Three days since the dove from the sky. Wine for the feast from the water they brought you: Your very first miracle was to provide. In the cup of rejoicing you made yourself known, Unexpected, bewildering, kind. In remembrance we do this, whom you’ve called your own, So make yourself known in the … Continue reading From Cana to Emmaus — Known in the Bread »

Covenant, Cross, Justification, and Christus Victor

I was asked a question, through email, recently about N.T Wright’s view of Justification. Since I wrote a long answer, I figured I would post it as well on our blog. N.T Wright has a great book that I though was extremely useful called The Climax of the Covenant. In this book he outlines how Jesus and the cross were the climactic event of God’s … Continue reading Covenant, Cross, Justification, and Christus Victor »

Misplaced Passion

In recognition of holy week, I’m going to resurrect a piece I wrote five years ago at Easter, after I saw the film The Passion of the Christ.  Released in 2006, the film itself is clearly not news; however, as recently as this month I’ve heard fellow Christians speaking positively—almost reverently—of the film and its portrayal of Jesus’ suffering.  Notwithstanding the excellent work on Jesus’ … Continue reading Misplaced Passion »

Atonement and the Resurrection

Last week Trevin Wax posted a review of Mark Driscoll’s new book “Death by Love: Letters from the Cross” on his (Trevin’s) “Kingdom People” blog. It was a detailed and sympathetic review of a book that, according to Wax, concentrates heavily on the suffering and death of Jesus as it impacts the redemption of human sinners. I was troubled, and I raised this question in … Continue reading Atonement and the Resurrection »