Author: Ben Bajarin

Covenant, Cross, Justification, and Christus Victor

I was asked a question, through email, recently about N.T Wright’s view of Justification. Since I wrote a long answer, I figured I would post it as well on our blog. N.T Wright has a great book that I though was extremely useful called The Climax of the Covenant. In this book he outlines how Jesus and the cross were the climactic event of God’s … Continue reading Covenant, Cross, Justification, and Christus Victor »

Heaven is not a Destination but a Way of Life

The concept and ideas around heaven is one of things that has been hijacked and subverted from its original understanding. I once heard N.T Wright eloquently say it like this: “heaven is great but its not the end of the world.” Unfortunately most Christians believe that heaven is simply a destination and that death then heaven is what eternal life means. Of course there is … Continue reading Heaven is not a Destination but a Way of Life »

I Know What I believe AND I know Why I believe it

On Facebook recently I shared an article by Rachel Held Evans on Facebook. It was a great article with a simple desire to point out that asking tough questions about the text is not a slippery slope to faith abandonment. The sharing of this article sparked a dialogue both online and offline with a number of people which got me thinking and led to the … Continue reading I Know What I believe AND I know Why I believe it »

Understanding the Wrath of God

Although I read Love Wins back when it first came out, I have recently wanted to see and experience the enhanced E-book version that includes video and a study guide. That’s not the point of this post, what I would like to focus on is more on the thread of Rob Bell thrashing and a common theme he is hit with in God’s wrath. As … Continue reading Understanding the Wrath of God »

Open Theists From the Reformation to the Present

Greg Boyd tweeted out earlier this week that a friend of his has amassed quite a bit of historical evidence proving the open view was supported by Arminian theologians in 1642. He is working to get data published from Thomas’s work whether in the form of a book or a paper. These findings are significant because much of the claims against those who criticize open … Continue reading Open Theists From the Reformation to the Present »

Reformed Evangelicalism

I was having a conversation with a group of friends the other day. The conversation turned to the state of the evangelical denomination over the past 10+ years. I wrote in a post why I am not an evangelical but that is not to say that I don’t like the idea or what they stand for. Rather I think it is in desperate need of … Continue reading Reformed Evangelicalism »

Aren’t We All Missionaries?

I was at an event recently where a missionary from Africa came and shared about their work. After he spoke a pastor came up and shared how blessed he felt that a member of his church was called to the mission field. Although it sounds odd it seemed as though in the mind of the pastor this persons calling was “higher” because he left the … Continue reading Aren’t We All Missionaries? »

Why I’m Not an Evangelical

I think I have finally nailed what my problem is. It’s that i’m just not an Evangelical. I was for the better part of my Christ following life very integrated and involved at a local church associated with the Evangelical Free Church. Which is no where near free of Evangelical’s humorously. On the of tenants of the Evangelical and the Free church is that they … Continue reading Why I’m Not an Evangelical »